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Experience safe and exciting laser tag at LASER LAND! Our specially developed and tested technology, pioneered by EXO, ensures safety for all ages. Explore our two colossal arenas with unique designs that can be combined into one epic battleground. Our top-notch equipment guarantees an immersive gaming adventure. Battle zombies in the apocalyptic arena's heart-pounding ZOMBIE mode, then showcase your strategic skills in the ancient city arena's STRATEGIST mode. Discover various thrilling game modes that will keep you engaged. For details, check out Game Modes.pdf. Dive into the ultimate laser tag experience at LASERTAG and unleash your inner gamer today!

birthday party
Laser tag, Costumers, Feast, and other. Well-developed birthday packages that are more than just a regular birthday party.
Laser Tag is the perfect place for an unforgettable birthday party. Laser tag is always a blast, but Birthday in Laser Land takes it to a whole new level. Our laser tag arena is decked out with all sorts of themed decorations, making it feel like you’ve really stepped into another world.
Experience the thrill of jumping and playing in video games simultaneously. Our collection features both single-player and two-player games that immerse you and your friends in an exciting virtual reality.

Take your jumps to the next level with our interactive trampolines, offering a safer and more engaging jumping experience. Compete against each other while being in separate areas, ensuring a fun and secure environment. Our range includes single-player and two-player games that bring you and your friends together in a shared virtual reality adventure.
Groups packages
We take pride in offering the best options on the market for local churches, schools, and summer camps. We deeply appreciate the fact that you bring many wonderful people to our venue, and we want to show our gratitude by providing an irresistible offer and ensuring that your guests have an exceptional experience.